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Why don’t Spray Foams have the same moisture problems of fiberglass?

With an air-barrier, there is no condensation point.

Moisture mismanagement is account able for 90% of new building failures in the US. Mold, Mildew and Moisture Control have to be serious considerations when starting a project.  It is vital to think […]

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What are the biggest reasons for using Spray foams over fiberglass?

Air Sealing and Custom Fit.

Foams are continuous air barriers and won’t allow air to move through them.  A sealed envelope around your entire project will have a huge impact on energy savings.
Fiberglass comes in Rolls and Batts, designed to fit […]

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Is an R-value the most accurate measure for performance?

Not always.  It is the current method used for building codes use to rate insulation, but certainly is not the only thing a someone should consider when deciding on how to insulate their project.

There are three types of heat flow:

Conductive – the […]

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What are the R-values?

Open Cell Closed Cell   R-Value = 3.8 R-Value = 7.5   Read More

Can I get a Square Ft. price?

We would rather look at every aspect of a project before we work up a bid.  This allows us to give the most accurate price for each job.  Every project is different, thus so is the Sq. Ft. Price. Read More

What is the Price?

It is more expensive than Fiberglass.  However, without the shortcomings of filterglass, the benefits of our spray foams will far exceed the cost of the upgrade. Added into a mortgage, monthly bills will be lower due to energy savings. Read More