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The InSEALation Process

Considering using Spray Foam???…Here’s a quick break down of what you can expect.


Festimateirst, we like to schedule a time to come out and take a look at the project. This allows us to verify access to the job site, measure the dimensions, answer any questions you may have, then provide a break down of our plan to best InSEALate your project. This is also a good time to identify any items that may need moved from the work area to allow our sprayers appropriate room, as well as protect your items from any splatter that may occur. To top it off, these estimates are provided free of charge.


Prep1This is a vital step in the spray foam process. We use this time to not only cover any windows and areas not being sprayed (electrical outlets, flooring, ect.), we also check for any areas that may have changed since the estimate was conducted, to ensure we don’t miss a spot. Additionally, since Spray Foam is heat activated, we also use this time to ensure our foam is heated to the appropriate temperature for application process.





At this time, the Sprayers wearing their protective gear begin insulating and sealing the thermal envelope of the your home or building, paying close attention to spray all the nooks, crannies and voids that conventional insulations will never get. The application process itself can be done pretty quickly, depending on the size of the job, we are often done in one working day or sooner. Larger jobs, can be done in a phased approach, by coordinating with you to complete sections of the project on different days.





With the spraying complete, we will shave down any excess foam, remove the plastic window covers and tarps, sweep up any waste and ventilate the area. However, we don’t just clean up during this time, we also use this time to double and triple check our foam jobs. We also like to ensure we leave the place as clean as we found it, or cleaner!






Once everything is complete, you can rest assured that you’re now saving money on your energy bills, and staying comfortable in your newly InSEALated Home, Business, or Agricultural Building.